Epro is built on a modular system that allows trusts to control which features they use and which they don't. In addition to the core module and digital dictation, there are 15 modules that can be added as required, enabling a tailored solution for hospitals' requirements.

core module icon

Epro core

The starter module, including patient demographics, GP and practice demographics, powersearch, the Epro template engine, user activity logging, audit and basic reporting facilities as well as an HL7 interface

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This module enables the capture of inpatient data, including admissions, transfers and discharges. It is possible to manually update data and to retrospectively view all previous admissions of the patient

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This module enables trusts to configure, add and display alerts such as “End of life”, “Do not resuscitate” or “Sick patient”. Ageing and automatic removal for each Alert is configurable on a per-trust basis

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Clinical correspondence

The Clinical Correspondence module allows the production of clinical letters using a web-based template engine, and includes electronic review / approval and reporting on workflow

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Document Import

The Epro document import service processes historic documents, organizing them all under one source, by patient, specialty, date and author. The content is fully searchable for research and audit purposes

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Handover lists

This module allows the organizing of patients on to both pre-defined and custom lists, including Medical and Nursing handover, integrated with a discharge planning element to aid in managing length of stay

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Tasks / Referrals

This module permits capture and storage of general notes, referrals, OPCS coded procedures and telephone notes. It enables users to set up priorities, allowing to filter by user, due date or state of completion

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Advanced reporting

This module comes with a range of pre-configured reports together with a customization package to tailor reports to local requirements. It can be used to report on the data from any of the other modules

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Personal correspondence

This module is designed especially for non-patient and internal communication. It contains templating, review and approval functionality and includes integration with digital dictation

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Digital dictation

Epro integrates with digital dictation systems to allow the capture of dictation directly into templates and the subsequent transcription of dictation

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Advanced security

This module adds extended security features to allow per patient, per specialty or per item security restrictions. It includes full audit and reporting on patient record access and access overrides

bed management module icon

Bed management

This module provides visibility of current future bed occupancy across a hospital. It allows managing beds and wards, transferring patients and the efficient monitoring and management of available beds

discharge summaries module icon

Discharge summaries

This module allows the production of discharge summaries. It supports adding and screening of drugs, includes the national CfH drug dictionary, and allows creating and managing order sentences

document backup module icon

Document backup

The Epro document backup store provides a secure and fully independent storage solution for all documents that have been produced in Epro, providing the continuous availability of all information

investigations module icon


The Lab Results & Investigations module permits capture, storage, retrieval and reporting on lab results, radiology data, photos, ECGs or graphs

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Template editor

This module provides users with the possibility to create and manage both print templates and underlying templates. This allows individually designed letter edit on a per-trust, per-specialty or per-user basis

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This module allows the sending audio work to external typists for transcription. It enables medical secretaries to both monitor the quality of the outsourced work, and to feed back any corrections necessary