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Epro's thoughts on the 2021 budget

Financial investment in the NHS is just one step

Some thoughts from Epro on Rishi Sunak’s budget announcements today

Digital transformation requires financial investment

Like any advantageous thing for humankind, digital transformation requires financial investment. While many outstanding clinicians, administrators, and campaigners within healthcare have over-achieved with minimal funding, nevertheless you can only stretch the system so far on the amount of funding available.

Digital transformation requires more than financial investment

Money is not the only solution. The NHS needs many things, and large cheques of £2.1bn, as announced by Rishi Sunak today in the Budget, is a great start.

But we haven’t waited around for the government to announce a budget to release much-needed funds for digital health transformation. Epro has instead taken the lead for years: co-funding much needed digital upgrades that NHS Trusts have requested, delivering no-cost updates during COVID to fill a desperate need, and always delivering higher impact per £ than any of our competitors.

Epro has been spearheading these changes without Budget support through our clinical leadership, and quickly identified four areas that were crucial to this seachange.

The NHS needs innovation. Without new ideas, new direction, and the bravery to follow them, medical knowledge becomes stale. It’s why here at Epro, we’re never completely satisfied with our innovative digital solutions; we know that each person who forms Epro could have a brilliant idea tomorrow that changes our approach.

The NHS needs consistent commitment from leaders. Governmental policy has a huge impact on the NHS, from the macro budgets to the micro staffing numbers in a hospital. Without the recognition that the NHS must continue to an area of excellence, digital transformation will never remain top of the agenda.

The NHS needs buy-in from clinicians. No one knows what NHS Trusts and hospitals need better than clinicians. They are the bridge between leadership and patients; they use the tools of digital transformation on a daily basis. They need to be more involved in the purchasing and implementation of it.

Finally, we as patients need to keep trusting the NHS. The concerns raised about the NHS COVID-19 app highlighted the importance of education, specifically explaining the impact and details of how digital transformation will change the lives of patients.

Epro’s commitment to NHS digitisation aligns with this budget

It’s heartening, as a clinician-founded and -led company which has dedicated two decades to NHS digital transformation, to see that the government is finally putting its money where its mouth is.

Epro’s commitment to NHS digitisation is a foundation stone of our mission, and we’ve worked - and continue to work - with many NHS Trusts who are passionate about this.

We can only hope that this financial investment leads to greater innovation, support from leaders and buy-in from clinicians, along with greater education for patients, so that we can deliver world-leading digital transformation to even more NHS Trusts.

Interested in learning more about how our mission delivers digitisation with purpose for the NHS? Get in touch now.

Emily Perkins, 27.10.2021 | Epro news, Budget